Eat Retail store design

The challenge

In 2017, new management at the food company, EAT, were looking to increase EBITDA and reinvigorate the brand. Founded over 20 years before on the ethos of creating, making and serving real food, the brand had been compromised by multiple re-designs and conflicting visions for its future. Faced with increasing competition from companies such as PRET, the new leadership team sought to resuscitate and re-build brand power, prior to offering the company up for sale.

Eat Retail store design

The Solution

Back to the heart
Our key objective was to drive customer retention and engagement whilst also attracting and growing sales with the new ‘foodie’ demographic. Honest began by going back to the DNA of EAT – a belief that real food is honest, uncomplicated, healthy and authentic. Using those as the key principles of the brand design and experience, we conducted a root-and-branch overhaul of the entire brand from concept right through to implementation.

Eat Original photography & shoots
Eat Core brand positioning
EAT Advertising campaigns

Systemic change

During Honest’s two-and-a-half year journey with EAT, we transformed practically every brand element and touchpoint, bringing the brand back in line with its core purpose via a more modern experience and ruthless consistency. Our ‘vertically integrated’ team not only drove high-level brand strategy & identity change but also worked on a hands-on basis through design, writing, production and implementation across 90 stores to maintain the integrity of the brand experience, no matter where or how it was being delivered.

Our fully-rounded solution included multiple deliverables:

-  Core brand positioning
-  Tone of voice
-  Advertising campaigns
-  Original photography & shoots
-  Experience strategy
-  Retail store design
-  Fascias
-  Packaging & labels
-  POS, Menus & other collateral
-  Pitches for railway & transport hub sites
-  Brand guidelines & toolkit

Eat Packaging & labels
Eat Packaging & labels

A brand transformed
The result of our work was a much more contemporary EAT brand experience that manifested across all touchpoints, constantly and consistently reinforcing the brand’s values and voice. For the first time in years, there was greater alignment between the brand concept and execution. The extensive toolkit created by Honest worked as a powerful brand management and governance tool within the business and for partners, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in all brand-related activity. We also conducted ‘creative surgeries’ for the internal brand & design teams, ensuring that brand principles were continually maintained at the heart of all execution.

“Working with Julia and the team at Honest was both great fun and very productive. They delivered some wonderful creative ideas, but at the same time, were humble enough to listen to feedback and rework things until perfect. Honest, straightforward and clear talking – just what you want in your partner”

Andrew Walker, CEO, EAT 2016-2019
Eat POS, Menus & other collateral
Eat Core brand positioning

The Result

In 2018-2019, EAT began to witness a turnaround, garnering several awards in quick-serve restaurant (QSR) and food-to-go awards. A vast improvement to business and trading performance sparked an interest with the global powerhouse Pret. In 2019, EAT was acquired by Pret for £60m. Seeing synergies between the EAT brand and their own healthier ‘Veggie Pret’ offshoot, plans are afoot to integrate the two brands.