FCA pop-up design

The challenge

In 2018, faced with an increasingly difficult business environment, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) in Europe sought to address key issues with some of their major car brands such as Jeep and Alfa Romeo.​The Jeep brand, though it had 90% brand awareness, had low familiarity with individual models and light traffic at dealerships. For Alfa Romeo, it was found that customers were much more likely to purchase ​once they’d experienced the car interior, ​but access to the car was limited due ​to a paucity of display models and ​a limited number of dealerships.​ FCA engaged us to significantly improve ​and innovate the retail customer experience and shape a more relevant vision ​for the future. ​

FCA pop-up design
FCA pop-up design

The Solution

If customers weren’t visiting dealerships, ​we saw an opportunity to take the product ​to them in places with high footfall and a ​dense concentration of the target audiences. ​The aim was to get customers engaged ​enough with the cars so that we could drive ​traffic to the dealerships often just a mile or ​two down the road from the ‘pop-up’ locations. ​We chose commercial malls across Europe, ​using our customer analysis to profile and ​select the optimal locations. ​

Insights and intelligence​

-Global review of inspirational best practice
in/out of auto sector​

-Evaluation of FCA retail assets, ​strategies, customers​

-Buyer, dealership and influencer research​

-Key insight: need to engage people outside ​of traditional dealership

FCA format strategy
FCA pop-up design

Our solution was a highly digital and tactile pop-up experience, focused on maximizing traffic and customer engagement. The format and content were crafted to suit each brand’s strengths and personalities. For instance, the Jeep brand was brought to life using an adventure theme – the pop-up featured VR-based off-road journeys ​on challenging terrain. And with customisation as a key driver for Jeep customers, we made sure the configuration tools had numerous samples and swatches to allow visitors countless ways to customise their own cars. ​

How we did it​

-A flexible, lower cost solution, and a test and learn approach​

-Job brief for staff to ensure focus on experience vs. selling​

-Modular design: easy to dismantle, store, re-activate​

-We built and assembled pop-ups across sites in short amount of time and to unique specs​

FCA pop-up design
FCA format strategy

The Result

The outcome was a series of pop-up experiences that amplified reach with a small footprint, created digital and physical product engagement, and boosted sales and conversion rates. ​The first mall concept was created for Jeep and launched at La Vaguada, famous for being Madrid’s first-ever shopping complex. This was then moved around to several locations in Spain, Italy, and France, and re-skinned for the Alfa Romeo, FIAT and Lancia brands resulting in a high degree of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.​