Halifax retail format strategy

The challenge

Define the Halifax Flagship of the future; ‘The un-bank-like-bank’

A new customer experience, centred around three customer proportions attracting new and current customer proportions attracting new and current customers into the branch.

Halifax flagship design

The Solution

We worked very closely with the COO department at Lloyds Banking Group as a strategic partner. We ran a series of workshops with key Honest and LBG teams e.g commercial, digital, marketing, retail, operations etc to analyse the problem and create a new strategy/vision for the project we are tackling. Our co-creational relationship ensured we embrace ideas and expertise from within LBG whilst enabling the internal LBG team to mobilise behind the new ideas/vision.

We defined new customer propositions, brand experiences and CX to support the un-bank-like-bank experience and change in customer demands.

We created the new Halifax flagship concept in London – a next generation physical/digital/events focused retail store.
- New Customer journeys to attract and retain customers.
- A clear Brand DNA and purpose for the project
- Uniforms
- Cafe design
- Digital design for all touchpoints
- Store design for all 3 levels 

    Halifax cafe design
    Halifax flagship design
    Halifax flagship design

    - Developed new thinking across their retail format strategy (redefining the model from flagship, community, anchor and micro)
    - Helped with innovative thinking to drive new customer segmentations into the branch (rising metz a key audience for the bank)
    - Developed quick, lean commercial wins across the LBG estate
    - Co-created and articulated clear visions that the business could get behind and support

    Key creative deliverables
    - Consumer Insight and Profiling
    - New CX customer journeys
    - Co-creation sessions – identify the sweet spot
    - Analytics – consumer, competitor and future trends
    - Scoping, planning and resourcing

    Halifax flagship design
    Halifax uniform design
    Halifax flagship design
    Halifax flagship design
    “Honest are a dynamic strategic and design co-create partner for LBG. They help us innovate, igniting dynamic thinking and change and ultimately making things happen”

    Paula Rowntree,
    Designing Branch of the future @ Lloyds Banking Group.

    The Result


    of users more likely to consider Halifax products as a result of visiting the branch


    perceive the Flagship as better than other Halifax branches 


    of users are more positive about the brand as a result of visiting the branch


    as many mortgage appointments as other Central London branches


    of deposits through IDM (.vs 58% for comparable branches in Central London)