HSBC new global store experience concept

The challenge

Our challenge was to help HSBC establish the vision for its future retail experience with a particular focus on the coveted Millennial audience. While branches still play an important role in acquiring, retaining and serving customers today, data revealed that Millennials were not highly engaged with their banks and less likely to come into branches. Advancements in self-service channels were limiting the opportunity to strengthen relationships with these customers. HSBC needed to re-imagine the branch experience in a way that incorporated digital elements without losing the human element.

HSBC new global store experience concept

The Solution

Since we knew that Millennials were not regularly visiting branches, we decided to look outside the category for inspiration and insights into their needs, wants, and desires. How did they like to spend their time? Where did they hang out? What types ​of experiences did they seek out? ​

Our insight was that HSBC future branches needed to be a destination for more than ​just banking. Millennials are drawn to experiences that help them to grow and learn, and are looking for ways to connect with each other and their communities.​

HSBC future branches would need to integrate physical, technological and ​human experiences. ​

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A new global store concept aimed at Millennials and based on four key pillars: ​

-Treat the bank as a stage for great service ​with universal bankers focused on total customer experience​
-Programme the space with content and experiences designed to engage and inspire​
-Incorporate dwell spaces that enable ​customers to work while they wait, ​enjoy food and beverage​
-Foster community and connection in the ​space and via social channels​

We engaged in a series of workshops with HSBC to explore the Millennial mindset, and to ideate elements of the experience that map to their needs and desires. ​

A commitment to a collaborative way ​of working helped to ensure that all stakeholders were aligned at the ​earliest possible stage. ​

HSBC new global store experience concept

The Result

A pilot site was launched in the UK to test the HSBC future retail concept. It delivered strong results on all key brand and business metrics, and received positive feedback from both employees and targeted customers. Elements of the experience were selected to be introduced into HSBC branches on a rolling basis, and the future retail experience roadmap is currently underway.


locations delivered, including all interior and exterior elements of brand, architecture and design-based services.


of HSBC global supply network, including all brand-related components for interiors and exteriors successfully managed.