Megasur brand identity

The challenge

Following the celebration of their 20th anniversary last year, Mexico-based Megasur decided it was time to refresh ​its brand identity as part of a broader future growth plan. ​The existing brand identity was centered around the core business of providing fuel, and Megasur wanted to create a more modern image for the company that ​would resonate with all stakeholders, from employees to investors. Matching the pace of Megasur’s business, we needed to ​go from Brief to completed logo ​and visual identity in 12 weeks.​

Megasur brand identity

The Solution

To get up to speed on the Megasur brand, and to arrive at potential solutions quickly, we structured our work around a series of four sprints:​

-Brand immersion and audit​

-Ideation and concepts​

-Logo and visual identity​

-Brand guidelines​

This approach built momentum into the process, and fostered a collaborative way ​of working. Our iterative approach ensured that the working team and leadership were all aligned before we arrived at the new Megasur brand identity. 

Another salient aspect of this program was the integrated, multi-disciplinary team that we assembled. In order to ensure that ​the new Megasur visual identity would ​work as well on a business card as on a superstructure, we built a team comprised ​of strategists, designers, product engineers and project management who worked alongside our client partners to deliver ​a comprehensive solution.​

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Megasur brand identity

The Result

The new Megasur brand identity has ushered in a new era for the company, providing a platform for future growth ​and expansion for their core fuel business ​and convenience stores and beyond.​

Research has confirmed that the ​new brand identity brings forward the important equities of the Megasur brand while elevating the perception of the company as a modern and quality service brand. Roll out of the new brand and visual identity system is in progress across the Megasur retail footprint throughout Mexico.​