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The Challenge

Cancer treatment is hard enough without the side effects, which for some people can mean dry skin, dry eyes, dry hair, and even no hair. The standard advice is to use mild baby products, but for TV producer, campaigner and self-described breast cancer arse-kicker, Helen Addis, that wasn't good enough. Because, after all, a baby doesn't need deodorant or toothpaste or even fake tan.

Despite Cancer Research UK predicting that 50% of the population will be diagnosed with cancer in their lives, there isn't a reliable source of advice about the right products for people going through treatment and brands aren’t talking about it.

Service Design 

We used our service design methodology to bring Helen’s vision to life by mapping out all stakeholders and understanding the relations between them in order to define the product. From there we drafted the service model, service blueprint and associated services.

Service Design Services
Service Blueprint With Swimlanes (4)
The C-List button interaction
Platform Design Process

After defining the service, we started designing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of the overall platform that would hold the key elements for the initial release, planned for February 2021.

This included drafting wireframes, UX prototyping, UI principles and development of the admin console but also the consumer facing website.

The C-List wireframes
Platform Design Process
Brand Design

The developed brand has a positive, uplifting and editorial look with bright colours, textures and neon-style graphics that really pack a punch. The branding avoided any clichés associated with cancer charities instead giving a vibrant, energetic and curated look that is used to introduce brands, tell stories of cancer survivors and give expert tips and advice.


We needed to keep things simple for this new business, so we designed an affiliate site, which created the opportunity for Helen to connect directly with brands and get them involved. Our simple solution included lays the groundwork for the C-List to adapt and grow into something bigger:

- Business planning
- Concept development

- Sales & marketing planning
- Core brand positioning
- Visual identity
- Brand guidelines & toolkit
- Tone of voice
- Service design
- Prototyping
- MVP creation
- Platform definition
- Website UX
- Website UI
- Website development


The Result

The Result 2021
The Result 2021

Launched on World Cancer Day, 4th February.

The Result Lipstick
The Result Lipstick

Approx 200 Premium brands have partnered with the C-List so far.

The Result Monitor
The Result Monitor

Planning the next steps of this exciting social enterprise.