Waitrose store design

The challenge

Engage customers with the core brand values through product, service and format initiatives.

Waitrose store design
Waitrose store design

The Solution

It always starts with a workshop.  We pull together all key stakeholders from the Waitrose retail, commercial, digital, marketing, and operations teams to analyse the problem.We stimulate debate  and thinking around a new CX for their customers. Our aim is to map the future vision. One clear vision that everyone can stand behind and solve as a team.


We put ourselves in the customers shoes to understand how they live, work, shop, dine and think. Through best practice insights we spot the gaps and opportunities for innovation. We audited the existing CX and analysed how we get from TODAY to TMRW with dynamic new thinking and showing a clear map to get there.

Key creative deliverables

- Store design 
- New packaging solutions Service strategy and ideas Digital solutions 
- Commercial operations solutions 

Every initiative has to improve the ROI for customers, the brand and the business.

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Waitrose Images 000

The process

Aligning on the vision enables great design that truly delivers the desired impact. A clear strategy allowed us to work coherently across multiple channels to define new journeys, ideas and innovation to make a real difference to the performance of their estate.

“Honest partnered with us on delivering ‘the art of the possible’ and then they landed this future thinking at speed with our in-house teams. They helped us deliver on business KPI’s, customer love/ loyalty and brand engagement”

Anthony Wysome, Head of Innovation at Waitrose
Waitrose store design

The Result

Where required we provide the Waitrose teams with the technical tools needed to implement the initiatives. We redefined convenience for Little Waitrose and in particular saw a significant uplift in sales for the ‘dinner tonight’ offering.