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Honest have partnered with Waitrose for 10 years across ideation for the future, including events, packaging, service strategy, experience, brand etc. We have also worked with them to develop the new strategies for new store concepts (flagship, Little Waitrose, service stations) and the integration of John Lewis into Waitrose formats.

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“Honest partnered with us on delivering ‘the art of the possible’ and then they landed this future thinking at speed with our in-house teams. They helped us deliver on business KPI’s, customer love/ loyalty and brand engagement”
Anthony Wysome,
Head of Innovation at Waitrose.
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Honest partnered with EAT when Andrew Walker became CEO in 2016 with the ambition of selling the business within 3 years. Which they did at 16% the multiple. As their main agency we helped them strategically build their brand and activate this across their digital platforms, retail estates, events, service strategy and campaigns. 

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“Working with Julia and the team at Honest was both great fun and very productive. They delivered some wonderful creative ideas but at the same time were humble enough to listen to feedback and rework things to perfection. Honest, straightforward and clear talking, just what you want from a partner” Andrew Walker, CEO. 
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Sarah Page, Honest’s Creative Director, led the reinvention of what convenience means for the Centra brand. After a successful 8-year relationship with The Musgrave Group, it was time to reintroduce Centra as a modern brand with a distinctive personality.  To transform a downtown emergency stop to a ‘go-to’ eating destination.

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“Centra expanding was a non-event before. It wasn’t sexy… but it is now… Everything Sarah and her team have delivered has step-changed how the customer reacts to the brand” 
James Ryan,
Franchise Owner of Centra Limerick (Pilot Store)
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SuperValu, part of the Musgrave group, has partnered with our Creative Director Sarah Page for 8 years. Sarah led the re-fresh of the brand and innovation strategy for the new retail concept, which resulted in a new storytelling, brand expression, and a redefined customer journey and communication strategy.

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“Our new flagship SuperValu store in Blackrock is real statement of intent the brand. It shows huge ambition in bringing “real food real people” to a completely different level, one that is exciting shoppers, connecting with their love of food & really upping the ante on the shopping experience. The ability to translate our brand ambition into reality is a hugely powerful strength, with results that average in the realms of 20% growth in sales”
DJ McAllen,
Store Development Director at Musgrave Retail Partners.
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Following successful working relationships with Dave Lewis and Simon Threadkell over the last 15 years, Honest’s leadership team has been instrumental in developing the Tesco new concepts stores. We have created new customer journeys, communication strategies and designs for Health and Beauty, Fashions, General Merchandising and Upmarket Food to move the business into a position of strength. 

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Image block 2 - Tesco
Image block 2 - Tesco
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Food Portfolio Images033
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Sarah Page, our Creative Director led the brand transformation for Meny; Norway’s leading supermarket. Over a 6-year relationship, Sarah worked closely with the CEO and Marketing Director on various initiatives that reinvigorated the brand and successfully moved the business from a place of suffocation, in the overcrowded discount space, to one of leadership in the market.

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“What impressed me during the process was Sarah and her team was the ability to absorb knowledge regarding the Norwegian grocery market, especially in terms of consumer behaviour and the local competition. This was crucial for us in order to create a concept that was adapted to local conditions within the set timeframe.” 
Vegard Kjuus, CEO
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